Yvonne's Story

Yvonne is a native of Pennsylvania where she resides with her husband Calvin. In 2012, she discovered lumps under her right armpit. After receiving an ultrasound and biopsy, she heard the three words no one ever wants to hear “You Have Cancer”.  As a wife, mother, friend, student and employee hearing these words literally turned her life upside down.

Once the initial shock set in of her diagnosis, with her faith in God, the support of her family and friends she began treatment for Breast Cancer.  She particularly remembers that after receiving her 5th treatment she went to work and the lights made her feel like she was on fire. Almost the entire day, she could not lift her head off the desk. Eventually, the side effects from the chemotherapy got the best of her and she could not work. Isolation became her best friend for many of the months she was in treatment. Finally treatment was over and there was no evidence of cancer.When the fog began to lift Yvonne knew she survived her experience with Breast Cancer to support other women who unfortunately would be diagnosed.

Sisters R Us Circle of Survivors, a non-profit organization was established to support women who are diagnosed, being treated and living beyond breast cancer.